Long Live the Kersh

Kershaw has been so good fo so long, it seemed like Dodger fans were disappointed last year when he posted a 3.03 ERA. (Good for 7th in the NL) Or forgot he has a curveball that drops 68 inches.

He was still 8th in Cy Young voting during his age 31 campaign. That’s right, he’s still only 32 this year. He’s only a few months older than back to back Cy Young winner Jacob Degrom. He’s 3 years younger than Scherzer, who was a back to back Cy Young winner during his age-31 and 32 seasons.

Kershaw is far from done, but it’s still fun to look at how arguably the best pitcher of our time compiled his first 65+ WAR.

Career Stats

He has 2,274.2 IP not including spring training, or the postseason. He’s struck out batters 2,464 time. His WHIP is a 1.01. He’s 169-74 with a 2.44 ERA. Good for 34th all time. Degrom is the next best active pitcher with a 2.62 ERA for 56th all time.

He led the league in strikeouts 3x in 2011, ’13, and ’15. Led the league in ERA 5x so far in 2011-14, and again in ’17. He led in WHIP 4x in 2011-14. He also led in BAA 2x in ’09 and and ’11.


It’s honestly just easier to break it down by year

2011- NL Cy Young, All Star, Gold Glove, and the Warren Spahn Award

2012- 2x Cy Young Finalist, 2x All Star, Roberto Clemente Award

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Long live the King. And I’m sorry, but half of these projections are crazy. Kershaw has only had one season with an ERA above 3. It was last year at 3.03. Kershaw has logged a lot of innings on that arm but he still is only turning 32 this year. He’s basically the same age as Degrom. His WHIP hasn’t been higher than 1.04 since 2010. Wins don’t really matter, but with the team he has this year he could easily hit 20. The man is a QS machine for you fantasy players. The biggest question mark with Kershaw is whether or not he can stay healthy. He’s had issues for three seasons in a row now. But if he can stay healthy, (he should hit up Lebron’s people for help) he will absolutely blow these projections out of the water. We could easily see his name resurface in Cy Young talks again. If the velocity really is dipping I don’t think he’ll hit 200 K’s. But giving up on strike outs and focusing on ground balls could really help his pitch count game to game. The game seems to hate Clayton Kershaw. I don’t see anyone talking about the fact that his “postseason curse” turned out to be the other guys were cheating. Point is I don’t believe these projections for a minute. At minimum I project an ERA in the 2’s, a WHIP around 1.00, and 16+ wins if he can just manage to stay healthy. It’s time he gets a ring. We believe in you Kersh. #Kershaw #mlb #dodgers #cyyoung #MVP #baseball #projections #elite #5 #astrosarecheaters #redsoxarecheaters #exceptMookie #welikeMookie #mookiebetts

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2013- 2x Cy Young, 3x All Star, 2x Spahn Award

2014- MVP, 3x Cy Young, 4x All Star, 3x Spahn Award

2015- 5x Cy Young Finalist, 5x All Star

2016- 6x All Star

2017- 6x Cy Young Finalist, 7x All Star, 4x Spahn Award

2019- 8x All Star

The only thing he hasn’t won out of the (individual & regular season) major awards is a silver slugger. And to be honest, we’re not counting him out.

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